Aeriell Herrera is a Passionate CAD Jewelry Designer from Ringwood New Jersey. The New York Renaissance Faire was only a short drive away from where she grew up, and every summer she would go and explore where fantasy comes to life. She even had her first job at the Faire selling Jewelry and through that, she was exposed to a target customer that was underserved. Considering that 75% of Millennials still play video games well into their adult years and the popularity of cosplay, Aeriell caters to a customer who blends personal style and creativity. Attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, Aeriell found her talent on CAD software. She feels comfortable with the technology just as if she was at home playing video games. Through that perspective, her work brings fantasy into the real world, through whimsical jewelry designs for others like her.

CV Available Upon Request - aeriellherrera@gmail.com