Aeriell Herrera


A passionate jewelry designer and maker looking to bring magic and fantasy into the everyday world through wearable jewelry, inspirational objects, and costumes to brighten up the ever changing world we live in.



Once upon a time, in a small forest area close to New York City there was a jewelry designer named Aeriell Herrera. Who loved to explore and loved to make beautiful things with what she found in the forest. She formed jewelry from whatever she could find. One day, a teacher introduced her to her real passion for jewelry making, and that it was possible to make it a career. Forthwith she is going after her dream as a Jewelry student at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she continued her passion and received acclaim and was featured in the Exhibition “Interactive Spaces” at the Atlanta Jewelry Show, and to be displayed at the Smithsonian Craft show. Her Brooch design was also recently selected to be put into production to support fundraising for the first community fundraiser for Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless Tiny House Project to support and assist to house homeless veterans.